Our Service Plans

Choice from our 5 service plans or pick one close to what you want and let us customize it to meet your exact needs.


The Do-It-Yourselfer


For those who prefer the hands-on approach, Hospitality Handyman will provide the tools needed to implement effective changes to the property’s revenue strategy. 

Hospitality Handyman will evaluate current market and competitive set data, property reporting, and other relevant factors.  This plan is typically charged on a per-project basis.


The Quick FIX

Hospitality Handyman will take the information from the DIY- 1 plan and will perform the basic implementation of the plan. 

This plan requires a short-term agreement and is perfect for conversions and for those properties that are just getting started and need assistance in getting the basic fundamentals of the plan put in place. 


Preventive Maintenance

The property has a plan in place. 

It is vitally important to follow-up and make sure that the plan is being followed and that everything is working as expected. 

Anything that may not be working as intended is reviewed and revised as needed.


Routine Maintenance

All of the benefits of the Preventive Maintenance – ★★★ plan,

however the monthly revenue call is replaced by a bi-weekly revenue call. 

Additionally, Hospitality Handyman is involved in the daily rate change activities.  


Optimal Performance

Rest Easy knowing that Hospitality Handyman is managing the property’s daily revenue activities. 

Additionally, the management will be kept up to date on progress, potential challenges, and other information during a weekly revenue call.