Maximize your Booking

On average, OTA’s, GDS, and other online agencies account for nearly 2/3 of a property’s online bookings.  The hotel’s own website / booking engine accounts for the remaining third of those online bookings.   Exposure and placement on the OTA’s is a major factor in your property’s online success.  Many properties are not taking full advantage of online revenue sources, because they can be very confusing and extremely time consuming.  We will take over this process for you, allowing you and your staff to focus on your core business, running your property!s.


Hospitality Handyman maintains a close working relationship with the top producing OTA’s and will work to ensure that your property is maximizing these lucrative revenue sources by working as a liaison with your local market managers.

Hospitality Technology

We believe that every property is different and there is no one size fits all when it comes to matching a piece of technology to your property.   We evaluate your needs, existing systems and work to find you a solution that best matches your current requirements, while considering your anticipated future needs.  From property management systems to key systems to point of sales, we are ready to assist.   If your project includes new infrastructure such as office networking or a new phone switch, we have partners that are ready to make that project as seamless as possible.s.